All You Need To Know About Invisalign Retainers

As children, all of us can remember the braces we had to wear simply in search of a good smile. The constant pain, month-long pictures of awkward smiles, and a dent in our pocket was what we had to sacrifice for a straightened smile. Yet, with modern technologies, the introduction of Invisalign treatments has replaced conventional braces with invisible aligners.

Invisalign aligners

Faster than braces, comfortable to wear, and bearing results since merely 6 months in some cases, the Invisalign has become the go-to orthodontic treatment for those in search of a heartfelt grin. However, the important part comes after the treatment. The need to care for your teeth and ensure they stay in their place post-treatment. This is where Invisalign Retainers come in.

Invisalign retainers

Even though teeth are straightened during the treatment, if left completely to their free will later on, they will follow an unplanned pattern of growth and can divert from the path hoped for them. This is where the role of the Invisalign Retainer comes in. Almost invisible, the retainer is a long-time commitment to ensure the growth is as planned, gaps between your teeth remain closed and you do not begin grinding teeth in your sleep.

There are mainly 2 types of Retainers: Removable and Permanent. While the removables ones are not stuck to your teeth, you have to remember to wear them, especially when your teeth begin to feel tight on the retainer. Tightening of the teeth is a sign that the teeth have begun to move, and thus are in need of the retainer even more so to remain to their path. Conversely, permanent retainers are stuck to the back of your upper/lower teeth with the help of a wire and continue to stay in place unless removed by your orthodontist. Disadvantage of a splint is that they only hold 6 teeth per jaw in place and can shoot loose just when it’s not convenient for you.


Which retainer is the best for you?

The retainer best for you is as per the recommendation of your orthodontist/ dentist. In case of removable retainers, you might be asked to wear it at all times immediately post-treatment. Later, the duration of wearing it might simply be restricted to your sleep time. However, whatever the time frame of your removable retainers, maintaining personal hygiene is of utmost importance. Rinse the retainer using lukewarm water and clean it inside-out with the help of a retainer brush. If you are not wearing it, keep it safely in its case.

When the time for removal of the Invisalign treatment arrives, visit your orthodontist/ dentist instead of trying out your luck yourselves. With the help of these retainers, now, you can smile broadly as your stare in the camera, without shying away ;).

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