Invisible Aligner Specialists

We give your natural teeth the look they deserve for as long as possible.

We offer orthodontic treatments with the modern technological treatment by means of the transparent brace. We started this in 2008 which is why we have the most knowledge and experience of the Benelux and worldwide we are one of the 1% of the most done treatments in cooperation with Invisalign. Comfortho only works with qualified and certified therapists and strives for the highest possible quality.

Comfortho is the umbrella organization to which specialists in the invisible Invisalign bracket have joined.

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Over 2885 successful treatments

The experts

Lotte Meerboer

Dentist for Orthodontics. She obtained her Dental degree in 2006 from the Academic Center for Dentistry in Amsterdam. Thanks to the knowledge she gained at the Harvard Medical & Dental School in Boston, she started applying Invisalign’s modern orthodontic treatments in 2007.

Within the Benelux area, she is the most experienced professional, with a track record of fantastic results. Because of the high number of treatments she has completed, she is Invisalign’s only Elite club member in the Benelux. This makes her one of the Top 50 Invisalign experts in Europe.

Wendy Kabalt

Wendy has been active in te dentist industry for over 30 years. Se is a highly renowned dental professional, because of her skill and efforts.

Wendy started using Invisalign a few years ago. She feels confident about the functionality and the results which the clear braces provide.

Hans Beekmans

Dentist. Hans is a very experienced and knowledgeable colleague, known and revered by other specialists. They recognize Hans as a pioneer, go-getter and a specialist to be proud of.

Hans thinks of the Invisalign Braces as the ideal tool to fix many orthodontic cases in his dental practice in Laren.

Zuhal Kayabasi

Dental assistant. Zuhal has been working with Lotte Meereboer for many years. She has been educated and trained to carry out the treatments with the Invisalign braces.

After her first introduction to Invisalign’s clear braces, she decided to broaden her knowledge. Needless to say, she knows all there is about the many possibilities.

Netherlands-wide Practitioner

Because Comfortho operates from a number of flexible practices, patients from everywhere in the Netherlands can be treated. This means everyone can easily visit us to get their clear braces.

Amsterdam region:

Comfortho is easily accessible to everyone in the Amsterdam region. We are the clear braces specialist in Amsterdam, with practices at the ‘Zuidas’ (South Amsterdam) and downtown. Those living in the southern part of town will appreciate how quickly they can reach our office at Strawinskylaan 227. At the Museumsquare we have a practice on the Teniersstraat 2 hs. With ample parking and access by public transport, this is the ideal location when you’re looking for a specialist in the Amsterdam region or if you work in South Amsterdam. We also have a practice at Herengracht 318, in downtown Amsterdam. We opened this separate practice to make a visit as easy as possible.

The Herengracht and the Museumsquare practice is perfectly accessible by bike.

There are some orthodontists in Amsterdam. We are happy to add our specialist knowledge and treatments, so many more can enjoy the benefits of Invisalign. Comfortho is the clear braces specialist in the following towns in the Amsterdam region.

Amstelveen, Abcoude, Hoofddorp, Badhoevedorp, Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, Uithoorn, Aalsmeer, Zaandam

Het Gooi region:

There are only a small number of Invisalign specialists in the region of Het Gooi. Comfortho is perfectly accessible from all towns and villages in Het Gooi. Our practice is located at Eemnesserweg 45 in Laren. This means we are never far away for anyone needing to visit the specialist. We offer orthodontic treatments in Laren and we are the only practice in Het Gooi to offer the special, top quality Invisalign treatments. By working closely together with local dentists and specialists, we have become a household name in Het Gooi. Are you looking for an Invisalign treatment? We are easily accessible for anyone living in the following towns:

Laren, Bussum, Naarden, Baarn, Muiden, Muiderberg, Huizen, Hilversum, Weesp, Ankeveen, Eemnes, Blaricum, Soest, Utrecht

Haarlem region:

We are also present in the Haarlem (Noord-Holland) region. A specialized orthodontist. We are located at Jan van Goyenstraat 11 in Heemstede perfectly accessible from:

Heemstede, Aerdenhout, Haarlem, Bloemendaal, Zandvoort

Call for an appointment 085 – 401 47 37




Orthodontie Museumplein
Teniersstraat 2 HS
1071 DX Amsterdam

Den Haag

Comfortho Den Haag


Comfortho Heemstede
Jan van Goyenstraat 11
2102 CA, Heemstede


Comfortho Ijsselstein
Schuttersgracht 20
3401 DD, IJsselstein


Comfortho Laren
Eemnesserweg 45
1251 NB,  Laren