The quick way to straigth teeth without fixed or traditional braces

Invisalign attachments

During the treatment, we will make use of attachments. They will ensure your teeth are repositioned to form a perfect arc.

The attachments are used to rotate your teeth during the Invisalign braces treatment. Here you can see what the attachments look like and where they can be placed. The placement of the attachments is determined by the position of your teeth. The practitioner will discuss this with you.


Who can receive the treatment?

You will have an intake interview with a practitioner. He or she will determine if you can receive the clear braces treatment by examining your teeth and advising you on the next steps. You have a 95 percent chance of being eligible for the treatment.

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Are you curious to know if it’s possible for you to receive this treatment? Take a selfie of your teeth and send it to us via e-mail or Whatsapp, so we can advice you immediately.