Invisalign Accessories; All you Need to Know

The Invisalign aligners have become a popular option for orthodontic treatment these days, owing to their inconspicuousness, convenience, and comfort of use. But like all other orthodontic appliances, Invisalign aligners require regular care for optimal results. Also, the manufacturers of Invisalign aligners now offer various accessories that not only reduce the treatment time but also help in making your clear aligner experience a comfortable and pleasant one.Here are some of the Invisalign accessories that are commonly used by dentists and patients around the world:

Invisalign Attachments

Many people think that the Invisalign systems only come with the removable aligners – and there is no need for the wires or other attachments – which is partly true. While patients with minor a tooth misalignment might only need to wear clear aligners, others with more severe orthodontic problems may need to wear more than just the aligners. Here’s where the attachments and buttons become useful.

The Invisalign buttons or attachments or attachments work in a similar way to the metal braces – but of course, without the metal brackets and wires – by providing “anchorage” to the aligners to make complex tooth movements that are typically not possible with the aligners alone.
The process of getting Invisalign attachments is simple and straightforward. Your dentist will first insert a template aligner to mark the areas where the attachments should be placed. Your dentist will then mark these areas, and then bond the attachments with an adhesive that is activated by light. Once the attachments have been placed, your dentist will polish the tooth, and then you’re good to go!

Invisalign Elastics

These are flexible, rubber band-like elastics that your dentist will use to perform tooth movements that are not possible with the Invisalign aligners alone, or when a heavier “pulling” force is required to move a tooth in the desired direction. Your dentist will attach one end of the elastic to an anchoring tooth or jawbone, and the other to the tooth that needs to be moved. Similarly, an elastic can also be placed upper and lower teeth to achieve an optimal bite or to pull up a tooth into normal occlusion. The elastics come in different lengths, gauges, and colors.

Invisalign Buttons

Invisalign buttons are small tooth-colored brackets that serve as anchors for the Invisalign elastics. Depending on the requirement, your dentist may place one button on the upper tooth and one on the lower. In other cases, your dentist may use one of your aligners as an anchorage point. Your dentist may trim the interior of one or both of your aligners to allow for easy insertion and removal.

Invisalign Chewies

The Invisalign Chewies are soft, chewing device the size of a small cotton roll. The Chewies are made from spongy polystyrene material that is used for ensuring proper seating of the aligners by removing air spaces between your teeth and the aligners. If your aligner is not seated correctly over your teeth, it will fail to perform its function optimally.
To use the chewies, simply bite down on your aligners with a Chewie placed between your front teeth. Once the aligner is seated correctly, move to the neighboring teeth until your aligners are completely seated over the teeth.

Invisalign Cleaners

Just like any removable dental appliance, hygiene is essential. Whenever you take your aligners off for eating, make sure you wash them with lukewarm water. And when you take them off for prolonged durations, it is a good idea to immerse your aligners in trays that are filled with an Invisalign cleaner or a denture cleaning solution.
The Invisalign cleaners are liquids, crystals, or tablets that are used for keeping your aligners clean and hygienic, and for preventing the growth of bacteria and other harmful organisms. More importantly, the Invisalign cleaners prevent your aligners from getting stained and affecting your facial aesthetics.

The clear aligner technology has become much advanced these days. Now, thanks to the various accessories provided by the Invisalign system, dentists can use Invisalign aligners for treating even those complex orthodontic problems that were only possible with metal braces. If you’re one of those people who have been putting off their orthodontic treatment just because you hate the metal braces, now’s your chance to get a beautiful smile with the new, improved, and more powerful Invisalign aligner system.

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