What is AcceleDent?

AcceleDent’s SoftPulse Technology® emits a safe, effective and soft vibration to the roots of your teeth. This helps to speed up the cellular response, meaning your teeth will be able to move more quickly.

AcceleDent is an FDA approved medical device for orthodontic treatments. In just 20 minutes per day, you can reduce treatment duration by 50%, when combined with Invisalign orthodontic tools.

Use AcceleDent and reduce treatment duration by 50%.

Why use AcceleDent

AcceleDent has been approved by the FDA and American clinical studies have proven its safety and reliability. The vibrations emitted by AcceleDent are a safe way to speed up the movement of the teeth.

In fact, regular chewing puts at least 250 times more pressure on the teeth than the AcceleDent.

Mechanical stimulation (vibrations) of the bones have been researched since the early eighties. They were used to heal fractures and to treat osteoporosis. Studies have shown that mechanical stimulation of the bone speeds up the healing process of fractures and may increase the bone density of long bones.

Vibration plates are currently available to treat bone and muscle loss. These machines send vibrations through the entire body.

By using AcceleDent for 20 to 30 minutes each day, you will experience the medical benefits of the SoftPulse Technology. Its vibrations will help to safely reposition your teeth.

50% korte behandelduur met de AcceleDent

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Who can undergo the treatment?

You will be invited for an intake interview in order to establish whether or not you can receive the clear braces treatment. The practitioner will study your teeth and advice you on the next steps. You have a 95% percent chance to be eligible for the clear braces treatment.

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