Adults braces

Completely invisible using Invisalign techniques!

Have you ever wanted to fix your teeth throughout your adult life? Or is there another reason for you to want or need braces? Comfortho offers special clear adult braces, without the use of (metal) brackets. By applying our clear Invisalign technique, we can straighten your teeth without anyone seeing what is going on. By applying our clear Invisalign technique, we can straighten your teeth without anyone seeing that you are having an orthodontic treatment. This page will teach you all about the clear Invisalign braces how and why for adults.

Clear braces are the perfect invention for adults from any age

Quick answers to your questions:

  • Is it considered weird for an adult to wear braces?
  • How much do braces for adults cost and how are they covered?
  • What are the benefits of the Invisalign braces when compared to traditional braces?
  • Which dental problems that occur later in life do the Invisalign braces solve?
  • Which steps are there in the process for adults and who will treat me?
  • Are you open during the weekend?
  • Can every adult be treated by Comfortho? Is there a maximum age limit for the treatment?
  • Which other options are there for adults, when considering dental braces?

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Adults wearing braces are nothing special

Wearing braces later in life is in no way new or weird in today’s society. According to the Dutch Society of Orthodontists (Nederlandse Vereniging van Orthodontisten), 25 percent of people seeking orthodontic treatment are over the age of 18. Other research suggests that over 50 percent of patients are over 18. There is even a large group of people over 60 who are seeking treatment. In other words, the idea that only middle school students with large backpacks wear braces is seriously outdated. Moreover, with the help of AcceleDent, we are able to shorten treatment duration by up to 50 percent.

Costs for adult braces

On average, an Ivisalign treatment for adults will cost anywhere between 2.395 and 3.485 Euros. This is the same amount you would pay for traditional braces with metal brackets. See hereall information about the costs of the Invisalign braces for adults.

Insurance coverage for adult braces

Braces for adults are generally not as well covered as braces for children up to the age of 18. This makes repositioning teeth later in life more expensive. Depending on your insurance agency and additional coverage packages, your clear braces are covered completely, in part or not at all. To make things easier, we have listed the various insurance agencies and their coverage plans concerning braces and orthodontics for adults. In addition, you can view Independer’s overview of all coverage plans for orthodontics (over the age of 18).

Invisalign braces doorzichtige bitjes

The benefits of Invisalign braces compared to other types of braces.

  • Painless: Invisalign teeth correction is virtually painless.
  • Invisible: straighten your teeth without everyone knowing.
  • Comfortable & removable: the braces can be removed easily when needed.
  • Eating and drinking without hassle: you don’t have to worry about your dental hygiene while eating or drinking.
  • Play sports without issues: no danger of getting stuck behind something or injuring other players.
  • No white spots on teeth enamel: this happens very quickly when wearing metal brackets.
  • Fast and effective treatment: many adults choose this treatment because of the short duration of the treatment.
  • Invisalign attachments, this makes the turning of individual teeth more accurate.
  • Checks every 2 or 3 months: adults don’t have as much time as children to drop by for regular check-ups. That’s why our routine checks are scheduled every 2 to 3 months.
  • 3D simulation: see the end result before starting.
  • No interruptions in your daily life: carry out your daily routines.

Which dental problems that occur later in life can be solved by the Invisalign braces?

Are the invisible braces covered by my basic insurance coverage? We will try to answer this question as well as possible. The invisible braces are not covered by your basic insurance package, whether you are under or over 18. There are only exceptions for special cases, like severe developmental or growth disorders of the mouth, teeth or jaw.

About us

Because we want to be able to help those with busy working lives, it is possible to schedule meetings during the weekend. This means you don’t have to change your schedule . You can just visit us outside of your working hours.

At Comfortho, you are treated by experienced and certified specialists. Take a look at the treatment process and the practitioners. This way, you’ll know who you’ll be dealing with.

Dental correction for all adults, regardless of age

Comfortho offers Invisalign braces to all adults, regardless of your age. The treatment plan may be adjusted, however, according to your age and the general state of your teeth.

During the intake interview, we examine the state of your teeth, decide whether or not treatment is possible and choose the treatment plan which fits your situation. Healthy teeth and gums are important. The most important factors which decide if treatment is a possibility are:

  • Quality of the teeth
  • Quality of the gums
  • Condition of the bones and tissue which hold the teeth

Alternative braces for adults

Other types of braces for adults:

  • Metal or ceramic brackets: these well-known braces are completely visible and have many downsides when compared to the Invisalign braces.
  • Lingual or incognito braces: although these braces are attached to the inside of the teeth and are therefore less visible, they suffer from the same drawbacks as braces with brackets. They are fixed to the teeth, for example, which has negative side-effects.
  • Dental splint / C-C bar: this method stabilizes the teeth, but does not offer the option to reposition the teeth.