Invisalign bij Comfortho
Invisalign bij Comfortho


Invisalign are clear braces used by orthodontists and dentists as a tool to achieve optimum functionality and aesthetics of the teeth and molars.

The clear braces consist of thin synthetic covers which slide over the teeth and molars. Replace the set every other week so the teeth move to the ideal position in the jaw.

The method has been used successfully over 8 million times. Dentists and orthodontists have been using this orthodontic tool since 1998. See the costs of Invisalign.

Over 8 million successful treatments

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Drs. Lotte Meereboer started using Invisalign in 2007 in the Netherlands.

This is why she is the most experienced practitioner of Invisalign orthodontic treatments in the Netherlands, even the Benelux.

Comfortho Invisalign Elite Provider

Invisalign treatment

Intake conversation

During the intake the specialist will discuss your situation and wishes. The practitioner will explain how Invisalign aligners work and how much time it will take to get your desired situation done.

Treatment plan

Photos and prints of your teeth will be made for the treatment plan. In a 3D video you can see how your teeth are moved to a nice straight arch with the Invisalign aligners. After you have agreed to the treatment plan, the Invisalign aligners will be made especially for you.

Placing Invisalign aligners

You pass by to place the aligners. The practitioner will review with you how you will wear the Invisalign aligners, how long you will wear them daily and when it is time to visit you for a checkup appointment.

Check-up appointment

During this first check-up we will check if the Invisalment treatment has started properly, discuss how the treatment is going and what the course of the treatment will look like.

After the treatment

Are you ready with your last set of Invisalign aligners then you come for the final check. To make sure your teeth stay in the ideal arc we advise you to use a retainer. This is a night brace made of a slightly thicker plastic than the treatment itself, this ensures that your teeth remain in the desired place.

The Invisalign Technology

  • Innovation by technique
    Invisalign is the most advanced and transparent aligner system in the world. The innovative treatment method uses the latest techniques in orthodontics. The Invisalign attachments allow your teeth to rotate very accurately. The aligners are made from the special SmartTrack material, which makes them extra comfortable and flexible. They fit more easily, are removable and less painfull than traditional braces. Teeth correction has never been more controlled, which also means you can wear the mouth guards for 22 hours per day without issues. Moreover, because you switch to a new set of Invisalign mouth guards every two weeks, treatment duration is drastically reduced. This reduction can go up to 50 percent, so results are visible even sooner. Besides being the perfect alternative to traditional braces, the Invisalign braces are exceptionally innovative.
  • Precision and predictability
    See your bright smile even before you start the treatment. Thanks to Invisalign’s ClinCheck® technology, we can predict exactly how the treatment will unfold. The personal treatment plan will show exactly how each individual tooth will move and how long the treatment will take. Combined with the power of the SmartTrack material, we can predict the repositioning of your teeth with over 75 percent certainty.
  • Healthier mouth
    The Invisalign mouth guards not only achieve beautiful aesthetic results, they can also improve your mouth’s health. Straight teeth are less susceptible to teeth and gum issues. They are more easy to clean and you will save on future dental expenses. Furthermore, treatment with the braces has shown a reduction of up to 60 percent of dental plaque. Because the mouth guards are easily removed, you can keep up your dental hygiene.
  • Personal
    The Invisalign braces are the most personal mouth guard you will ever know. They are specially designed for you and tailored to your gum line. The custom made covers will adjust your teeth step by step. The Invisalign braces has a solution for all teeth and every smile. Our experienced specialists will give you all the attention that is needed to create that perfect smile.
  • Tomorrow’s technology
    Thanks to Invisalign’s continual innovation we can expect exciting technological progress in the near future. The company is developing a personal app, for example. The My Invisalign Smile app allows you to compare your progress to the 3D simulation every two weeks when switching to the next aligner. Also, the possible launch of iTero® will also signal a step forward. By using an intra-oral scanner, it is no longer necessary to make manual dental impressions. Instead, the new technique will generate fast and accurate 3D images of your teeth. Finally, Invisalign is working on a groundbreaking digital transformation, using 3D printing technologies to create 3D prints instead of traditional, analog prints and models. Even using 3D printers to make aligners may soon become a reality.

Straight teeth thanks to Invisalign braces

The origin of the Invisalign braces

The first clear braces were made in 1997, when Zia Chishti made a chance discovery.

He realized that when he had not worn his night retainer for a few nights in a row, his teeth would begin to move little by little on their own. As soon as he continued wearing his retainer, his teeth would move back to their previous position. He understood that synthetic braces can be used to move the teeth. This realization inspired him to team up with fellow Harvard student Kelsey Wirth and to write computer software in his garage in Palo Alto (California). By combining this software with clear braces, they developed a brand new orthodontic treatment.

This was the start of the Invisible Aligners Technology, also known as Invisalign. Chishti and Wirth received permission from the Food and Drug Administration and started selling the covers and software to orthodontists in the United States.

Because he had worn traditional braces with brackets, Zia Chishti was well aware of the many downsides of these types of braces. He expanded his knowledge by researching many patients who had also worn them and concluded that he had to address these issues. The negative aspects of traditional braces include pain after monthly visits to the orthodontist, allergic reactions to the used metals, general hindrance in daily life, time-consuming monthly check-ups and not being able to keep up dental hygiene.

Chishti developed solutions using his new technology. Some characteristics include:

  • Invisible mouth guards
  • The sensation of light pressure instead of experiencing pain every month. Instead of visits to the orthodontist, you replace your aligners for a new set every two weeks.
  • No allergic reactions due to the use of synthetic materials instead of metal
  • No monthly check-ups, only a few appointments during the treatment
  • The aligners are removable, which allows good dental hygiene and the possibility to take them out during important meetings.

The 3D video is another unique characteristic of this solution. Before the treatment starts, the practitioner will show you in a 3D video how your teeth will be adjusted over the coming months. This way, you’ll know exactly what you’re working towards. Practice has shown that it is a comfortable method. Add to that the many benefits and you understand why we have so many pleased customers!

There are several different Invisalign treatment plans: Full case, Express case, Lite case and Teen. In order to keep the beautiful arc of your teeth after the treatment is complete, you will use a night retainer. The specialist will explain the different treatment plans during your first appointment. This way, you are guaranteed to get the results you desire.

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