Invisalign costs

Because every treatment is different and based on each individual case, we can give you an idea of the costs involved. The practitioner will tell you exact price for your case.

On average, the treatment costs between €2.895 and €3.985. 

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How much do braces cost without insurance coverage?

Many people wonder: how expensive are braces really? And what if I don’t have orthodontic coverage?

The prices for Invisalign braces mentioned on this page represent the costs of both clear and traditional braces. Comfortho offers a payment program to pay for the braces in terms.

Invisalign costs for the treatment

On average, the Invisalign treatment costs between 2.895 and 3.985 Euros.

The exact price for the Invisalign braces depends on treatment duration and complexity.

Orthodontic insurance coverage

In some cases, additional insurance packages cover the expenses of the Invisalign treatment completely or in part. Check with your insurance what they will cover.

Invisalign braces doorzichtige bitjes

Orthodontic coverage in basic insurance

Are the invisible braces covered by my basic insurance coverage? The invisible braces are not covered by your basic insurance package, whether you are under or over 18. There are only exceptions for special cases, like severe developmental or growth disorders of the mouth, teeth or jaw.

Orthodontic coverage in additional insurance packages

Are the clear braces covered by additional insurance packages? Additional packages may cover the expenses for clear braces completely or in part. Whether or not your insurance company offers this coverage depends on the package and insurance policy.

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Maximum coverage and additional terms

If you have an additional orthodontics insurance package, your clear braces will be (partly) paid for by the insurance company up to a maximum amount per year. Pay attention, however, to any additional terms and conditions for orthodontic treatments, like:

  • Waiting time
  • Medical acceptance
  • Single coverage

‘Waiting time’ means you have to be insured for a minimum amount of time to be eligible for coverage. This period can vary from several months up to a year. This means you have to sign up quickly and carefully check the health insurer’s terms and conditions.

We can explain ‘medical acceptance’ as an educated guess by your health insurer. Before accepting you as a client, the company estimates how much your orthodontic treatments will cost. Based on this calculation, the insurer may decide not to accept you as a client.

The final condition, ‘single coverage’, means that the insurer will only cover the costs for an orthodontic treatment once. This applies to the entire duration of your health insurance. For example, if you are eligible to claim 1500 Euros from your insurer for orthodontic treatments, you can only claim this amount once.


The method has been used successfully over 8 million times. Dentists and orthodontists have been using this orthodontic tool since 1998.

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