How to kiss with braces?

This is One prevalent question, which many patients have in mind but do not dare to ask, and the answer is a simple YES! In general, orthodontic treatment does not have to give us any problems in our day-to-day life, so as long as you follow the orthodontist’s instructions, you can continue kissing your partner naturally throughout your orthodontic treatment.
The most important thing is hygiene. Believe it or not, Nobody wants to kiss a person who has dirty teeth or bad breath.
During the entire time using the orthodontic treatment, you must be very meticulous and dedicated to cleaning your teeth. It’s necessary to use a specific toothbrush, interdental brush, and dental floss for orthodontics due to clean specific areas of difficult access between the arches and metal appliances.
On the other hand, antiseptic mouthwashes are also very convenient to deepen oral hygiene and maintain fresh breath, which is essential and vital if you want to kiss your partner.

This is necessary because braces tend to trap a greater amount of food. If this happens and you don’t brush your teeth well before kissing your partner, perhaps your partner may experience an unpleasant sensation because he may feel the remains of food in your mouth or feel bad breath.
Avoid consuming hard foods before kissing. These are more susceptible to getting caught in the braces. So it is best to avoid them if you are going to have a romantic date and do not have a toothbrush to wash before starting the kissing session.

Check all the arches of the mouth in case one pricks you or bothers you. If the problem comes from the ligation, you may be able to do it yourself. However, if the arch is punctured, apply protective orthodontic wax and make an appointment with your orthodontist.
Take care of the appearance of sores. Kissing with mouth wounds is not recommended for anyone. Disease transmission is more effective through open wounds than through saliva. Make sure to heal all your wounds before kissing your partner.

So, how to kiss?

Knowing that it is not counterproductive to give kisses on the mouth when wearing braces, we will see some tips that will help you give your partner all the kisses you want without complexes or discomfort.
1. Get used to braces before kissing: the first days are the hardest. You can feel very uncomfortable due to the new and strange sensation of a strange sensation. It would help if you got used to living with orthodontics before launching yourself to passionately kiss your partner.
2. Use bracket wax: if you get sores or the inside of your mouth hurts, put some bracket wax on the points where you feel the most discomfort.
3. Start little by little, kissing with closed lips until both you and your partner adjust to the new situation.
4. Talk with your partner: talk about the mouth areas where you feel the most sensitivity or discomfort.
5. Don’t get obsessed with braces: remember that you must go through an adaptation process, but don’t make it a problem either. Kissing with braces is possible and recommended to express your love.
Now relax, forget you have braces, follow these little tips and remember that you have nothing to fear. Let nothing hinder your most romantic moments!

These tips come in handy if you wear metal braces. If you think this is all a hassle then you might consider wearing transparent aligners that you can put in and out yourself so that you’ve already tackled most obstacles 😉

If you want to know more about the possibilities with an Invisalign aligner please read this on our website or make an appointment so we can see what the possibilities are for you.